Saturday, January 26, 2013

Don't Give Up...Don't Ever Give Up

Although we are now about a week away from the Super Bowl, I have not let that get me down.  I know that it may not be completed this year, but I am not giving up by any means.  I pledge to make this happen one way or another.  I will shoot for next year in hopes that another year of preparation and trades will help me reach the ultimate goal.  I only ask that you do not give up on me, as I rely on your support to keep me going.

I would like to thank a couple people for their recent efforts to help me out in this journey.  First and foremost I would like to thank my father.  He has tried to spread the word in his area for the last couple months and has successfully helped my project get published a couple more times.

I would also like to thank the Goreville Gazette and the The Southern Illinoisan for writing and publishing the most recent articles.  You can check the them both out by clicking here: Goreville Gazette and Southern Illinoisan.

Again thank you all for the support so far, I would not be here without you.  Please continue to help spread the word and this child will be going to the Super Bowl in no time!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pedal to the Metal

After over a month of being led on about a trade, I was finally able to get over the fact that it wasn't going to happen and made a different trade for this Honda Motorcycle.  I traded the 4-wheeler away of the holidays and was very pleased to get this in return.  This is a Honda CB200T, which is a popular model used to convert into cafe racers.  This bike is in great running condition and only has about 8000 miles on it.  I am hoping to move this quickly and get something even better!

As the Super Bowl draws closer I am going to do my best to see this project through.  I have worked very hard on this for months now and I do not want it to go to waste.  I want more than anything to grant this sick child's wish to go to the Super Bowl and see the happiness that it brings him.  Please spread the word as much as you can and help me reach the ultimate goal.  Thank you for all the support!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

With the the Holiday Season so close I wanted to reach out to everyone and thank them for everything so far.  The support has been amazing so far.  I also wanted to let everyone know that my mission is still not complete, but I have not given up.  I now have a young boy that I know would love to make it to the Super Bowl and I have to make it happen.

Over the last month or so I was lead on about a trade that could have changed the shape of the project in a big way.  It never came to pass and lead me to waste a lot time hoping that it would work out and get us one step closer to the goal.  That being said I may be on the verge of another very cool trade.  I do still have the four-wheeler and may be coming home from the holidays with a new item to the put back up for trade.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not given up and I WILL make this happen.  I set out to complete this journey and although there have been some pretty big bumps in the road, I am not going to let it get the best of me.  Please share the story with family and friends this holiday season and get this project back out there so people can see it an help us.  Any spreading of the project would be greatly appreciated, whether it be social media, large scale media, or word of mouth.  Every little bit helps.  I am hopefully that I can get this project back in the national spotlight and get it completed in time for the Super Bowl.  Again, thanks so much and God Bless.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Recipient has been Chosen

Thanks to the help of the Children's Hospital of Illinois here in Peoria we have selected a child to receive the Super Bowl tickets once they are in hand.  I still plan on making it surprise to the child when I give them the tickets so I will not reveal the child at this time, just to make sure it doesn't get leaked in any way.  I will say that this child has been through cancer treatment and has last a limb due to the disease.  This child loves sports and from what I have been told is a huge Bears fan.  Although I have a favorite team of my own, I would love for him to get the chance to see his Bears play this year on the trip.

I will keep everyone up to date more often as I haven't posted anything in a while.  I think I am on the verge of another trade in the next week or so, so I will keep everyone up to date as we inch closer to the tickets and making this dream project come true!  Thanks for all of the support so far and don't for get to follow along on Twitter @TwoBlueDice.  I hope to be back soon with more goo news!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good as New

The 4-Wheeler has been painted and tuned up!  It is finally ready to go to and be traded for the next item.  The paint is fresh and and all wiring has been inspected and approved for riding.  The oil has been changed and the gas lines have been checked.  This thing is ready to go full force.  With it being hunting season in many areas I think this could find a home very soon, and those Super Bowl tickets for the sick child are just around the corner!  Check out the Twitter page @TwoBlueDice for more photos!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Over the Airwaves

Greg and Dan, from WMBD 1470, invited me back for another round of being on air with them and I couldn't have been happier to accept.  Its been awhile since I was able to get the word out through another form of media besides my blog and Twitter so it was great to go back.

I gave an update of the project, including where it all started and where I am today.  I had a blast going on the show again and I can't wait to go again.  They are always a pleasure to be around and truely appreciate their helping me spread the word.

If you would like to take a listen Click Here to listen to the interview in it entirety.  As always you can follow along on Twitter @TwoBlueDice.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Four Trades, Four Wheels

After making the deal in principle a couple weeks ago, I was finally able to make it official this past weekend!  I traded the iPad for a Kawasaki 300 4-Wheeler.  The trade came from a family in Southern Illinois, who were very easy to work with and excited to help.  They had a need for a tablet computer and were willing to trade away the quad to get it.  The vehicle is in full working condition and can be used as is, but I am going to make a few cosmetic changes.  After I get a new paint job done on this machine it will look better than ever and I will be able to make the next trade that much easier.

With this last trade, I am getting closer than ever to the overall goal of sending an ill child to the Super Bowl. I realize that it will soon not be my goal and dream, but a reality.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in trading for this item please let me know by emailing me at or send me a message on Twitter @TwoBlueDice.  Thanks so much for the support so far and that which is given going forward!