Friday, August 17, 2012

You Help Decide the Next Trade

I have to an agreement in principle for the next trade, but it all depends on you, the followers and supporters to help out.  Allow me to explain.  I have found the next person that wants to help out with the project, but they do not have any use for the glove and want it to go to the a good home where somebody can enjoy it more than they would.  So here is the deal, I am putting the glove up for "sale" and the trade item I get in return will depend on how much the glove sells for.  The glove is posted on online and has a ceiling price as well as a best offer option.  Whatever the highest offer is will determine which item I get in return for the glove's sale amount.  I will not reveal the three possible items so it stays a mystery, but do want you all to know that you can all impact this next item and help me get one more step closer to the ultimate goal!  Doesn't that sound fun?  Now it's up to you to determine the next item I get.  

The ranges for the items are listed below:

If the glove sells for $200-$250 I will receive Item #1, which is the least I will get for the glove in the end.  

If it sells for $251-$300 I will receive Item #2, which is a little higher end item that would help out a lot.

If it sells for $301-$350 I will receive Item #3, which is the best item that I can receive in this deal.

If you would like to make an offer please check out the item here and send it in to me.  If you do not have an Ebay account or would prefer not to use Ebay and would still like to send an offer, you can do so by sending it to  Thanks so much and I can wait to see where this goes!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Football is Upon Us

This week I received yet another piece of sports memorabilia that I am able to auction off to raise money for the trip.  Outback Steakhouse generously donated a very cool item.  This time the item crosses over into the football realm.  Click the link below the picture to go straight to the auction page!

Up for auction is the above pictured 2012 Outback Bowl Signed and Framed Poster.  The frame is a custom 24x27 poster frame. This poster came directly from Outback headquarters and was donated to the charity project.  This framed poster features two tickets from the game and autographs from each of the coaches above their respective school's logo.  Above the Michigan State logo, Head Coach Mark Dantonio, wrote "Go Spartans!" and signed his name.  Above the Georgia logo, Head Coach Mark Richt, wrote "Go Dawgs!" and signed his name.  This would be an excellent piece for a fan from either school and would go great in a man cave or sports room.  

On another side note the biggest impact on this project his week comes from Jimmy Traina, Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks Writer.  This past week he posted my project on his daily PM Hot Clicks.  From that I received more page views than I could ever imagine.  For that I would like to thank him.  You can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

The Ike Davis glove is still up for trade.  I need to get the trades back going again so we can send a sick child to the big game.  If you know anyone that would like to trade or would like to do so yourself, please send me an email to me at  As always keep following along or start following if you haven't on Twitter @TwoBlueDice.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Items Up for Auction

We've now got 3 new items up for grabs at online auction to raise money for this cause.  Just click on the link below each picture to go to the live auction.  I will add the money to the general donations and use it to help pay for all of the trip expenses.  If we are able to cover all of the expenses all of the rest of the money will go straight to medical bills for the family.  Thanks for looking and to the people who donated the items.  And dont forget to follow along on Twitter @TwoBlueDice 

  Bob Feller Autographed Baseball

And of course don't forget that Ike Davis's Custom First Basemen Glove is still up for trade.  I am still no the mission to trade these items up to the the Super Bowl Tickets for the sick child!

Click Here to email me with a trade offer!